Where Impossible Works

Who We Are

Uniquely positioned to help solve the world's biggest problems

Green Growth Technology (GGT) owns and holds unique biotech intellectual property, know-how and industry expertise capable of stopping energy shortages, creating green energy immune from weather changes, a solution for famine migration, transitional e-fuel and global sustainable electricity generation, while fusion or other long-term answers are made practical.

GGT is co-owned by Montecristo Engineering & Development - a United States enzyme, engineering and biorefinery company, IEMS - a UK company specialising in oil waste and regulation, and GGT founders with specific industry expertise, such as ex-British Petroleum Managing Director David Weaver, a nuclear engineer who is an expert in power station fuels and new tech such as hydrogen production.



Working for the Planet

E-Fuels to Cut Greenhouse Emissions Immediately

    Sadly, wind, solar, and EVs cannot be delivered fast enough to prevent 700-900 million ICEs from running on fossil fuels and 40% of electricity generated by fossil fuels in the tipping point year of 2040.

    GGT will demonstrate indoor production of sustainable transitional e-fuels that will initially support mass blending to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used as an intermediate source of energy. These fuels are sustainable, do not use farmland, are competitively priced and designed to offset C02.

    Toyota and others now say hybrids and hydrogen combustion engines are the future and we can deliver local biofuels or hydrogen.

Solid BioFuel to Keep the Lights On

    Biomass provides over 30% of all alternative energy, but some countries use 10-35% virgin trees as feedstock. For example, England’s largest thermal power station, burns 27 million trees (12 million tonnes) felled in North America every year.

    We have 3 coal or tree alternatives including the world's greenest power proposition where we can grow crops indoors adjacent to power or industrial furnaces and convert chimney pollution into growth aids and hydrogen to power the “biocoal” production.

    There are 2400 coal fired power stations, 4500 woodchip/tree power stations, 3100 steel and cement furnaces, 1000000+ small furnaces & 2.3 billion households heated or cooking on open fires all of which could use our products.

    Products can be made from urban/agricultural waste, indoor grown energy crops or in some countries from detoxified crude oil pollution/spills.

sustainable electric
Sustainable Electricity for BEVs and Local Power

    Increased electricity demand from EVs, data centres and developing countries will create extra peak electricity demands, which cannot be met by wind and solar.

    We can produce local self fuelling power stations running on sustainable biodiesel to augment the clean coal rollout programme.

    This lets wind, solar and other renewables catch up with increasing demand and so delays in implementing an electric/hydrogen world could be accommodated.

    The advantage of our design for biodiesel electricity generation is that they can be modular 11MW units creating truly local community power.

Food to Prevent Mass Famine Migration

    Pentagon computers and science groups predict that more than a billion people in Asia, South America and Africa will have no water and food between now and 2040 and will be forced to migrate.

    This will inevitably cause conflict and possibly wars. AGVH allows nutritional crops to be grown in pop-up buildings worldwide. This will help solve a significant symptom of climate change, i.e. crop failures.

    As the process uses 5-10% of the water needed in land-based farming, it will help alleviate water shortages. There is no limit to the number of food units that can be built.


Commitment to Sustainability


Our goal is to be sustainable
and fair for planet Earth.

We are a group of scientists, inventors and engineers who have spent years working on solving some of the key problems associated with climate change and we do not accept that the current situation with our lovely and unique planet cannot be reversed. Then by working with others we will help solve all of the problems one day.

The GGT founding experts bring experience, contacts and some gravitas to investor and initial franchise negotiations. With GGT support the franchisees will be the powerhouses for expansion.


Making a difference is
our one and only mission.

GGT is an independent organisation that specialises in green transition technologies. Our mission is to help create a sustainable, fair and clean world where everyone can flourish and prosper together.

Achieving this mission is not straightforward and will require working with friends to determine ways to clean up the polluted and warming acidic oceans, make reforestation a priority, deal with waste and air pollution and work out how to stop the destruction of all the species we share the planet with. Our planet’s health is paramount and we are not stopping until our mission is complete.


We are focused on affordable
carbon-neutral efficiency.

We were set up by the founding Management team as an investment vhecile and a new “clean” company with no baggage, simply to offer a practical viable plan for a managed transition away from all fossil energy in transport, industry and food production rather than tinkering around the edge of the problem with wind, solar and EVs.

Designer of franchised community affordable sustainable food, fuel and electricity turnkey 'commoditised' production units, all based on the same technology.

A Chance to Save the World

Provide Food

  • · Farming Needs reliable, good weather, high quality and lots of water.
  • · 60% of farmland currently used to support the production of meat.

We have a solution for feeding those who will be displaced by climate disasters, in addition to the 800m currently suffering from poverty and starvation.

  • Option of fish and food crops indoors
  • Free from seasonal restrictions, capability to control the temperature
  • Water enriched with 17-35 elements
  • Enhanced LED lighting ensuring day and night growth
  • Advanced technology to accelerate growth
  • Use of at least 90% less water
Produce Fuel

  • · We propose the direct replacement of all fossil fuel with affordable pollution-free green liquid fuels for countries that wish to retain liquid fuel usage.

We can replace fossil based products with an innovative fuel at comparative costs, one which additionally absorbs the C02 from the air.

  • Form of algae that yields 40% lipids (oil) to make boidiesel
  • We have an organism that can produce highly concentrated sugars that can make advanced form of ethanol
  • During the growth stage twice as much CO2 is absorbed as the resultant fuel produces
  • We use electrolysis and have low cost compression so can switch to hydrogen for transport as the wold moves over to hydrogen generation
Generate Electricity

  • · Generating electricity from what is effectively a self-fuelling small power station with the electricity produced where it is to be used, creating the "distributed" local energy model.

We can create green electricity delivered everywhere and also solve the problem of C02 emissions both by industrial and domestic electricity production.

  • E-fuel can be modified to run generators 24/7. One of our partners has pioneered this and will be supplying the additives and research data
  • Fuel cells that run on hydrogen from our electrolysers and pyrolysis machine
  • A standard 22MW mini power station would power 5,000 homes or an industrial complex
  • Replacing oil, gas and coal feedstock produced electricity. We can create "bio-coal" and immediately convert all coal fired or wood pellet power stations
  • Infilling the inadequate or zero supply market
  • Meeting future demand for electricity
  • Climate change driven conversion of industrial processes to our green electricity which is achieved via 1 above
Reduce Emissions

  • · Net zero and cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible, with any remaining emissions re-absorbed by our technology.

Deliver a reduction in CO2 levels and in the process raise further funds for the many solutions others ignore.

  • Bio-coal production next to coal fired power stations for local usage
  • Food and energy production next to actual consumption
  • E-fuel production within community using power for local public and personal transport
  • Instant pop-up flexible output Accelerated Growth Vertical Hydroponics (AGVH) farms
  • Produce pulses, fruit and vegetables (plus fish if required) in any environmenet next to the consumer
  • Protect the future with upgrades and assimilation of the best ideas
  • Make climate change solutions painless for a fairer transition
  • Electricity prodcution next to hospitals, housing or factories as needed
  • Affordable accelerated vertical hydroponics
  • Every tonne of lithium not produced saves 2.2m litres of water and countless lives over conflicts

Transition is the Key

Solutions that work for all and not the few

Why Now? If the world continues transititioning from fossil fuels via alternative energy sources that rely on there being no climate change, this will almost certainly result in catatrophic environmental disasters. CO2 in the atmosphere is at 418 parts per million and rising where it should be 280. Even the most wildly optimistic forecasts only assumes 1 billion electric vehicles and 50% green electricity and heat from wind and solar by 2040.

The Team

Our key component is our people

With over 150 years of combined worldwide green tech knowledge and experience.

David Weaver



Extensive experience of the GGT project over the last 13 years and 35 years in running energy and environmental companiens including holding position aas European Managing Director of BP for 4 years. Qualified in nuclear and specialist engineering.

Francis Sullivan


CEO + Legal Counsel

Advised on operational planning with energy companies. Extensive Management and advisory experience with banks, brokers and IT consultancies. Francis has raised USD 1bn in funds for energy projects over the last 30 years.

Prof. Dickson Despommier

Prof. Dickson

Chief Scientific Advisor

Advising on vertical farming, hydroponics, aeroponics and environmental matters. He is an Emeritus Professor at Columbia University. Regarded as a visionary in the field of vertical farming and hydroponics. In 2022 authored the guide to creating green cities.

Richard Byrne


Chief Operations Officer

A highly effective environmental expert with a proven ability to develop and direct global environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) programs. Possesses excellent communication and leadership skills with a proven track record of performance in management, compliance, crisis response, resilience, remediation and restoration.

David Blythe


Refining + Engineering

World reknowned refinery expert with 35 years' experience. David has been responsible for designing refinery processes and building large refineries and more recently, modular biorefineries and working with governments on green energy.

Caroll Hobson


Actuarial Advisor

Founder and actuarial advisor providing risk evaluation and analysis. Part of the USA Opportunities team.

John Gallagher


Tehcnology + Innovation

An environmental specialist who has been with the project for 18 years as an inventor and technology developer & researcher. John will manage the transition to team specialists while imparting invaluable experience and knowledge.

Maz Haschimi


Commercial + Information Technology

Expert in taking new companies to a broader commercial stage. Extensive experience with finance and investment funds. Specialist in growth strategies, IT, automation and a committed environmentalist.